This book will be born, against all odds!

Today is the day when I get closer to my dream — to get my novel published.
It was a long story… I came up with an idea to write a story about a soul of a future boy choosing his parents in 2010, in Saint-Petersburg, in a dream. In the morning I wrote the first chapter and sent it to my friend, a writer who had a few books published already. She said: «It’s caught my attention! Keep writing». But my inspiration left me for a year or so, and I found this chapter in my old emails when I lived in Karlovy Vary, in Chezh Republic, in 2012. I was doing nothing there that time, waiting for our visa to be approved, and I had plenty of time to finish my project.
When my novel was half — finished, I went to Vienna for a day and got inpired there even more… So I finished another half in 2 weeks. We already knew at that moment that our visas were declined but we didn’t know that I would be the one of the US green card lottery winners. These news came in one month…

Thanks to Krystyna Steiger, my wonderfull translator, the person who helped me to make my novel understandable for the English — speaking audience.
The was the third publishing offer, and today I finally signed the contract.


Thanks to David B.Lane (pen mane — Lane Diamond), the publisher and editor of Evolved pulishing, who made a decision to accept «Born — Against All Odds» for publishing.
I strongly believe that this novel has a big future and some day it’ll be a movie in the cinemas — «Born — Against All Odds».

The dream of my main character came true, against all odds,
and I’m sure my dreams will come true too.

Who said we can’t choose our parents? «Born — Against All Odds» by Hope Silver sheds new light on this possibility. This is the touching story of how one brave invisible soul of a future boy broke the rules to be with his mother, choosing her from among the many women that happened across his path. 


«Born — Against All Odds» by Hope Silver.
Coming soon!:)

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