Translated from Russian by Krystyna Steiger  (Canada)
Illustrated vy Viacheslav Shilov (Russia)
Written by me (Hope Silver, RU-US;)

The TV couldn’t understand how he could know it all. He was shocked by the news streaming out of him along with a video, capturing the gazes of those who’d turned him on. There were all kinds of news – tragic, troubling, disputable and, very rarely, good news.

“How frightening life is!” he said, horrified by the story being told on his screen. When he was switched to a music channel, he was terribly happy. Singing along under his breath, the TV wished his control panel would break, so he could only listen to music.

“The thing is, I’ve seen absolutely nothing in my life,” he’d lament by night, when he could finally take a break from himself. “How did all of this get into me, anyway…?”

He recalled how he’d moved here from the warehouse in a big box, how the faces of the people with whom he’d be living were reflected in his blank screen… That moment, before world events shrouded their relationship in gloom. The TV suddenly realized how awfully tired he’d become over the years. It was a nightmare, how tired he was. He was so tired, that the next day he simply wouldn’t switch on.

“Free” said the sign decorating the TV when his owners, having tried but failed to switch him on, put him out on the street.

Now, the TV dark screen reflected trees, birds and the blue sky of spring.

The only thing it didn’t reflect was the happiness filling the television, whose world had incommensurably improved.

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