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Santa Claus’ Cookies-song

I found this guy on the street and gave to one little girl.
His eyebrows make me laugh:)





It was all because of the downpour. The rain pummeled their leaves and stems so hard, the two flowers, who’d only ever seen each other, no longer faced the same way.

– All things must pass…, – thought the one, sadly, “he doesn’t need me anymore.”

– It turns out, there’s so much else around me! – marveled the second, whom the downpour had turned the other way. By the end of summer, both flowers had wilted, never having spoken to each other again.

But the people dug up the bulb the flowers had shared, so they could be ‘buds’ again the following year.

Translated by Krystyna Steiger




Ocean pickle

Last week in San Diego I suddenly created the idea to make a pickle with ocean water. My husband didn’t support me and said it’s crazy and he’s not gonna eat it.
He kept his word, and I did what I decided to do: made just a little bit — 1,5 cucumbers in the big tea cup.


I really like a flavour of these pickles. It’s delicious and crispy (by the way, I grow them on my own, on the back yard).
My friends, who were  brave enough to try my experimental pickles, all praised them!

The experiment is complete! All people are alive:)
What do you think — am I completely crazy?;)


«Best kids-made film» is ours!

When they said: «The best film made by kids — «The Guardians of the World» I couldn’t believe my ears… We did it!


We were making this cartoon with kids in Russian school «Krugozor» every Saturday, 45 minuts a week… 7 kids and I were: creating ideas, discussing, drawing, moving characters, taking pictures, voicing, writing music, singing…

Even my 98-year-old grandma’s voice is in the film!:) It was the time for her to become «Baba Yaga»:)))


Then I sent our cartoon to the San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival



And — here we are! We won!



You are welcome to watch the result of our creative class «Cartoon Academy» and leave comments.
I really appreciate you feedback!


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We have plans to make cartoons based on «Curious Things»:)

Lemonade&cookies crowdfunding

On Wednesday my kids and I started our summer season of lemonade sale. We did it last summer and summer before last summer, so I would say we are experienced lemonade makers already.
But now it’s not just lemonade business, it’s crowdfunding for my illustrated book «Curious things». It’s a flash fiction, short stories about different objects I tried to animate: bikes, phones, spoons, wine glasses, socks, sneakers and etc, about their feelings and thoughts.
Please, join the the group CURIOUS THINGS in FB or get the electronic book on amazon just for $2.99.


Buy 1 book for $ 6 — get lemonade or cookie for free:)


My daughter Nina tried to sell jewelry she made herself. She sold 2 bracelets and I sold 3 books. People liked it with author’s signature.

Kids were having fun with the air coming from the underground station.


Nina climbed the tree at the North Berkeley BART station and took this picture.


That was fun Wednesday night. We got some money +satisfaction. People got delicious cheap fresh squeezed lemonade + homemade cookies.


I hope when they’ll grow up they’ll remember this interesting experience as a good one.

I find an american tradition «lemonade on sale» as a great opportunity for kids of any age to know how to earn money. Kids have to understand that getting money is not very easy.

They shouldn’t just get it by simply asking: «Hey, mom, can you give me …$, please?»

I still have doubts if it was a right decision to move to the USA or not, I find good and bad sides here and there, but when I see how kids here try to be independent i I find it very good side.

And if they try to help their parents — it’s really cool.

We’re going to do it again next week at North Berkeley bart station))
On Wednesday or Friday after 4 pm. See you there!:)

P.S. You can also find «Curious Things» at the book store «Fantactic Comics»  in Berkeley and/or
at BARNEY’S on Shattuck, when I’m working there (Mo,Tu,We,Th, 12-4 pm & Sunday after 5 pm:)

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How about cremation?

Is that normal to find flayer like that with your name on it in the mail box? So if you turned 60 you are automatically in the base for this kind od suggestions? My friends were really suprised when they  got it from this organization:


Do you think these mother and daughter really thought about that question when they smiled at each other?


If you interested to come — I’ll be there to provide free lunch:)
I work in Barney’s on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 12 pm.