Stopping time. The story isn’t in the book

I am happy to tell you that now you can buy my flash fiction story collection СURIOUS THINGS on AMAZON!
1 cover
40 very short stories (no more than 500 words each) about inanimate objects which act like they’re alive!  And here is the bonus for you today — the Watch story. You won’t find it in the book because it’s brand new!


The wristwatch didn’t like keeping up with time. It loved to snooze under the covers, dreaming sweet dreams. It lulled itself to sleep under its owner’s ear, with a quiet ‘tick-tock-tick-tock.’ The watch felt as if its hands moved more slowly during the night, and hoped that in the end, time would stop altogether, and that it would never again hear that same, shrill noise, butting into its dreams at the very best part. As the wristwatch slowed down, so did the time it kept. And it was also awakened by the alarm clock, which rang later and later every day. The watch thought it was extending its owner’s life this way, but it was only putting him at risk of getting fired.

The next morning, the wristwatch heard a severe voice.

“You’re late for the last time!” it said. “If it’s your watch again, then buy a new one – at your salary, you can afford it!”

The watch would’ve been glad to make up for lost time, but it was too late to change its pace. The thought of parting with its owner was upsetting on the one hand, but completely liberating on the other: it could work – or not, run fast – or slow, or just stand still and not go anywhere at all. The prospect of being its own boss was so relaxing, the watch slipped off its owner’s wrist and vanished in a snowbank.

The next spring, a patch of dandelions bloomed, exactly where the watch had plunged into the snow. The wind blew the white floaties off their fluffy little heads, bleached by time, and they scattered in different directions in search of new places.

Nestled in the roots of a dandelion, the watch looked on.

‘What a beautiful dream . . .’ it mused, utterly and timelessly happy.

Translated by Krystyna Steiger

2 cover

Other 40 stories (about bike, spoons, elevator, sock, ball, doll, bubble, sponges, table, hook and etc) are waiting for you on AMAZON!

If you have something to say after reading, please, don’t hesitate to write a review with praise or criticism. I’d like to know your honest opinion.
Thank you!

Sincerely yours,
Hope Silver



For moms — breakfast in bed!

Today, first time in my life I had breakfast in bed;)) Kids made it for me for Mother’s Day.


Actually in Russia we celebrate it on last Sunday of November. 8th of March some people also call Mother’s Day. My Mexican colleagues congratulated me on Wednesday, they have it on 10th of May. But it doesn’t matter when — mothers have mother’s days every day, right?

And if it starts with a glass of wine in the morning… (it was my idea)… it is really
Happy Mother’s Day!

Nothing but light-2

Anastasia starts one more project «Nothing but light». If you didn’t read my post about it — here is the link — Nothing but light… and the bodies.

Now Anastasia’s going to photograph people all over the world, not only in the US.

Let’s support this project!  You can participate as a sponsor or/and as a model.
I’d like to do that!

Join the project!
For more details:

Crap or shit, that is the question:)

I’d like to share with you, guys, my first experience to work with an editor. Some of you already know from FB that Curious Things, my collection of short stories, was recently accepted by a publisher. I signed the contract and our next step was the editing. I have to say that collaborating was really interesting.  I got my stories back with some corrections that I had to give some feedback about. Until we find compromise.
Before I said to my husband that I don’t care what they will be editing… it is English, it’s not my native language, and they can do whatever they want, but when they suggested to change the end of my favorite story about papers, I was against that.

— Life is shit, — concluded the toilet paper, — that was the original version.
— Life is terrible, — that was a new one, from the editor.


Illustrated by Viacheslav Shilov

Noooooo!  Change everything else please but this!) It was the best line I read on several Open mic’s, people laughed so loud… and I can’t imagine any word there but «shit».

The explanation why the editor did that was reasonable: the publisher wants to address CURIOUS THINGS to the wide audience: adults and kids. I noticed that they changed «ass» to «butt» in two places where I (and then my translator) used this «wonderful» language;))) It was ok, but «shit» and «terrible»….
But kids… it is not for kids, I agree.
Ok, at least, don’t make it an adjective! All other papers’ final words were nouns, — I answered to the editor.
The wrapping paper thinks that life is a gift, the other papers are also using nouns as their conclusion: rainbow, events, imagination. «Terrible» is out of context for me, I said and started looking for equivalent «shit» but for kids. And I found it!)))

Now I can’t stop smiling when I think that my «crap» was accepted)))
I’m sure that my short stories collection is not crap:) But life — for the toilet paper — is:))
It was approved and I’m happy.

It is easy for the author to become happy — you just need to find a tolerant editor.

Later on, in the friends’ conversation I made a joke that it wouldn’t be so bad to change a title:
«Curious Things» to «Crap for the kids»)))

:-))))))) It even sounds similar, and both starts with «C»:)
But I think they’re going to keep the old title:)

P.S. Sorry for my grammar. I know sometimes it is crap:) but not shit, right?!))
Especially after my son edited it. Kids… they are everywhere)))